Touche Amore at O2 Academy, Liverpool

Back in August on a Thursday evening I made my way to Liverpool to photograph Touche Amore. Leaving the torrential rain behind me in Manchester I hoped on the train with my phone to keep me company on my journey. I decided to download the addictive gaming app Temple Run to keep me amused. As I arrived at the venue which by luck is situated close to the station and I arrived in time to catch the headliners. 

Tonight's event lighting wise as you can tell was at times difficult to work with, going from shades of purple to blue, and bright white light, and all backlit most of the time. Although at times bumping up the ISO sometimes felt a little risky it paid off and I ended up with some images that I liked. In retrospect I quite enjoyed having darker shades of colours with my images, especially in a live music situation It's a contentious issue surrounding music photographers, and how that can sometimes obscure facial features and composition, but more often that not I think it can make an image look more interesting.